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Sharing a KIDmob story

kidmob kidThis year was full of amazing twists and turns for Jordan and it has a lot to do because of her experience with the Superhero Cyborg camp through an organization called KIDmob.

Jordan got her first taste of designing with KIDmob at the beginning of this year. KIDmob Co-Founder, Kate Ganim, pushed hard for us to participate in the event. Jordan was inspired and partnered with a great designer, Sam Hobish. Since then, Jordan and Sam created a new sparkle-shooting arm and continue to work almost weekly to develop and work out new design ideas. Jordan also had so many different opportunities to speak and share her design ideas.

Last week, KIDmob held an event to raise money for the organization and asked if Jordan could share her KIDmob story since she couldn’t be there in person. We had fun shooting this:

Jordan is excited to keep working on cool design concepts and help more kids learn how to take advantage of their differences to come up with awesome new ideas. If you had a chance to design anything, what would YOU invent?

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