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Readjustments come more often

I bought Jordan another coat. It isn’t something I planned in our budget… It’s just another one of those things that come up when you have a little arm.

I try to plan ahead. I buy things during January for the next year because winter stuff is so much cheaper. Last year I snagged a really cute Disney coat and even had Jordan’s name embroidered on it. It turned out to be the worst coat I’ve ever bought for her. It’s too puffy to roll the sleeves… And the sleeve is a little too skinny to easily fit her helper arm through it. Jordan spent most of the cold season complaining about the coat. (By the way, it’s such a cute coat.)

So I bought a new one yesterday. It isn’t as puffy and it has Velcro straps at the end of the sleeves. It rolls up so much easier and it met Jordan’s approval.

Zipper-wise? She’s pretty good at getting zippers up on some coats. The new one wasn’t too hard on the first try. But I’m encouraging her to unzip her coat like it’s a pullover. That way she doesn’t have to fully zip and unzip her coat. She’s a bit skeptical about this “easier” coat process… But it helps remove some of the stress of zipping when you’re in a time crunch.

It’s a clothing readjustment… Not a big deal, but these are the kind of things that our family has to do from time to time. We spend a little more money to change a coat or add in an extra activity to stay strong and healthy… It doesn’t seem like much, but I know these are the little things no one thinks about. We readjust from time to time while we figure out what Jordan needs. I learned a lesson this year: Pay better attention to the sleeves of a coat before I buy it. And from now on, I’ll probably buy the coat in person and roll up the sleeve instead of buying it online. (Yes, I realize we could alter the coat, but the sleeve length changes between when she wears a coat with or without her helper arm.)

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