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Loving the leaves

Fall Pictures

It’s Fall! It’s been an ugly Fall… All kinds of cold weather and a lot of rain. But it’s also any other Fall where the trees are changing colors and I can’t handle missing a chance to take pictures of the kids! We’ve had a few days recently where the weather has improved while those colors are wonderful and worth enjoying. So when I had time to walk with Jordan to her brother’s school, I decided to pull out the good camera and shoot the kids around the trees and the colors before all of the leaves fall (and it’s going to happen soon)!
Fall Pictures

It isn’t every day when I can spend fun time with the kids… just taking our time enjoying the colors. Our neighborhood has a bunch of trees, but I usually pull the kids out to parks and more official places that are colorful. I realized I didn’t have to do that – I just needed a moment of time when to stop and smile a little bit.
Fall Pictures

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  1. BJ on October 28, 2009 at 7:16 am

    Very nice pictures. Those are a couple of very photogenic kids you have there.

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