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Just when we were having fun

This past week was FILLED with excitement. A lot of it hovered around homecoming on campus. I tend to get all worked up and excited to see former students and invite some to stay with us. That gave Jordan a ton of opportunities to meet new friends. It also gave us a chance to hang out in the cold and gather up new germs. That’s because now she has a fever that comes and goes and I’m hearing from other parents that this just comes and goes and you never know when it’s really gone. I actually can’t blame the germs from everyone we spent time with during homecoming. There’s been a rolling fever that’s spread through her classroom for weeks. It just finally reacher Jordan. The big bummer is how her grandparents from Florida are visiting later this week. I’m hoping the virus (whatever it is) goes away soon!


The worst part is she acts totally normal when she has a fever under 103 degrees. So we have a normal and sassy girl most of the time. That makes if difficult as the parent who wants to contain her to a portion of the house so she doesn’t contaminate everyone and everything! So… Hopefully she’ll be able to dress up and trick-or-treat. Hopefully she’ll get to dress up with her class. AND hopefully she’ll get to dress up for her equestrian therapy class. (I was really looking forward to that!)

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  1. Breck on October 28, 2009 at 5:14 pm

    Ah, thanks so much, Jen!! That means alot. 🙂

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