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Important prayers

Last night I had to tell the kids their Grandma is very sick. We said many prayers. At bed time Jordan asked if she could say a special prayer for her grandma before she went to sleep. She tried to get me to say it for her, but I encouraged her to say it on her own terms. It was so sweet, I have to paraphrase it.

Dear God,
Please help my Grandma feel good. I really really like her and I want to see her again. Please God, help her get better because my Poppy shouldn’t be alone. He really should have her with him. God, I love her very very much. Amen.

She needs prayers and thoughts of comfort as she struggles with an infection and doctors try to help her. She is physically weak but I know by watching my aunt power through incredible years of cancer betters, it is possible to get better. Thanks so so many people who have already included her in prayers. People who live around the world. I am incredibly grateful.

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  1. Julia Roberts on February 22, 2012 at 5:58 am

    Oh no, Jen, I’m so sorry. Thinking of and praying for all of you and especially Grandma.

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