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Hyped up…

Jordan’s new thing to say when she sees me at the end of her school day is: “Where are we going next?” We’re so schedule-packed that when we don’t go anywhere she’s disappointed.

I’m trying so hard to try and calm our lives down. Last week I canceled trips to the gym so the kids could just be calm, eat a slow dinner at home and go to bed at a normal 8:00pm-ish time instead of the closer to 9:00pm-ish time that I don’t like… not one bit.

I used to think parents with over-scheduled kids were obnoxious. Now I’m trying to find ways to avoid that. I want my kids to explore activities. I want them to find things they love to do. I also want to find time to exercise… and sometimes that happens to be during times where Randy is still at work so the kids have to stay out too late during one of my exercise classes. The kids are on the go. Jordan is missing most of her nap on Thursdays to attend equestrian therapy. She dances on Saturdays. Her brother just wrapped up football season and is now moving to soccer and piano. Swimming? Yeah. The kids should be taking swimming since we made progress this summer.

I’m over-scheduling the kids! It’s a new thing to feel guilty about it!

By the way… tonight Boo wouldn’t go to sleep. She just kept squealing and singing until I had to remind her FOUR TIMES that it was bed and and maybe she should quiet down and go to sleep. I’m not sure what got her all excited about life tonight, but it was super funny.

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  1. Barbara on November 1, 2009 at 6:46 pm

    Heh. Let us know which way you decide to go – over schedule or quiet.

    Tough choice.

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