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Happy birthday Jordan!!

It seems like we’ve been celebrating for weeks, but today is the big day. Jordan and I plan to spend the day together. I’m going to take her to see Princess and the Frog. Her two closest friends might join her (the girls who attended her princess tea party 10 days ago). I even got her a Princess and the Frog birthday cake. Very exciting stuff.

To be honest… I love birthdays. I loved them before I had kids. But I love them even more now that I know all the effort that comes with making babies. And to be even more honest, I love celebrating how Jordan completed our family. One boy, one girl, two dogs and two happy (and often exhausted) parents. I also love how she brought us into a world where we’ve met so many wonderful families who are connected to us just because Jordan was born with one hand. Yes, we’ve had highs and lows. But most of those highs and lows were totally worth the extra effort of life with a child who doesn’t conform with the physical expectations we envision before our baby is born.

I love birthdays and I love how Jordan changed our lives and our perspective about so many things in this world.

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  1. Nina on December 29, 2009 at 7:45 am

    Happy “real” Birthday Jordan!!!! And you are so right, Jen, it is worth it and it is wonderful. And you have made our journey all the easier by sharing your blog with us and allowing us to sort of see Taylor’s future through Jordan’s past. I can’t thank you enough.

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