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Giving it a try

Before we ran off to our yearly vacation, Jordan finished her first t-ball season. She wasn’t a stranger to the baseball fields. She’s attended her brother’s games since she was a baby. It was fun to give her a chance to play. What I didn’t expect was she would like it so much.

Catching the ball was something she really loved doing. If you put her into the action, she was going to go after the ball. She really started figuring out how to catch with her glove, get her hand out and throw the ball. Thanks so videos of other one-handed friends, she really started understanding the process. Jordan isn’t a batting powerhouse but she was figuring out how to get the ball off the tee and run!

Best of all, she made more friends and had so much fun. Even better perhaps, as the only girl on the team, she showed the boys that girls can play ball. Not once did they question her ability with one hand. More often we got questions about having a girl on the team. My favorite comment came from one of her teammates who decided to finally ask questions about her little arm on her last day playing with the team: “I like her little arm. I think it’s cool.”


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  1. Bernadette on June 10, 2011 at 11:15 am

    I love this story. Vivian is 3 and watches her brother play tee-ball. I cannot wait for her to start tee-ball in 2 years! Jordan will have to show her some tricks:-)

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