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Girls Who CAD and Awesome Without Borders

Since January, Jordan has gone through an amazing transition. She loved to create things, but she was a rule follower. She would follow directions and never go outside the lines. But after working with KIDmob and Autodesk on designing a 3D printed superhero sparkle-shooting prosthetic/body modification, she sees things differently. Computer Assisted Design (CAD) is a whole new world for Jordan.

Since working with Autodesk designer, Sam Hobish, they’ve created different designs and needed to ship prototypes in the mail. We didn’t have a 3D printer and we didn’t have access to one that prints large enough items.

That challenge is officially over

Jordan and her new printerWe’ve made some really cool partnerships that will make sure Jordan can become a 3D printing expert. She has signed up to work with Autodesk and Dremel to be a part of a team of CAD girls who are using Tinkercad to design their very own creations. They’re calling it, “Girls Who CAD.”

But it gets even better. Awesome Without Borders offered to pitch in and support Jordan’s 3D printing work! The organization awarded her a $1,000 grant that is going to make sure Jordan can afford filament and any other additional tools needed for her creations. She has an opportunity to build and build and build.

I’m beyond excited for Jordan to work on her own computer-assisted designs and develop more projects with Sam in real-time. I also cannot thank Awesome Without Borders and Autodesk enough for supporting Jordan and her goal to take her experience with design and share it with others.

Jordan texted me this amazing selfie with the new printer

Jordan texted me this amazing selfie with the new printer

The 3D printer setup experience

After hearing horror story after horror story about setting up 3D printers, Jordan set up her new Dremel Idea Builder (3D40-2) totally by herself. I was out of the house watching her brother at marching band practice as Jordan kept texting me pictures of the setup and videos of her first print: A chess piece. She went to bed while printing a vase. All of these items were from pre-created CAD on a jump drive that came with the printer. Jordan can’t wait to design her own items and print them out soon.

I can’t wait to see what she creates. Everything is possible.

This is just the beginning.

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