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Get ready Kindergarten… Here we come!

We’re ready… Or at least we’re in the mindset to get this Kindergarten experience rolling. We took Jordan to her Kindergarten welcome last night. She had a chance to play on the playground, see old and new friends, eat ice cream and meet her new teacher.

I had a chance to email her teacher a couple of weeks ago to give her a copy of Jordan’s book to bind and discuss the use of Jordan’s many arms and hands. Almost immediately, new friends were asking Jordan about her arm. We had the traditional “I was born with two hands” and “I wish I had one hand” comments. Jordan pulled out her arms and shared how they worked with a couple of girls who were in the room.

Jordan was acting a bit goofy, but it was great to see her show off her helper arms with pride. She bounced between her elbow princess arm to her activity arm. We showed her teacher all the different hands. I’ve decided that we won’t bring her hook hand even though it was made for hanging on monkey bars… It’s just too hook-like and dangerous. I might trust her with it at school when she’s a little bigger. For now, hanging on bars will be something we do with Mom around.

I’ve written a letter for all of the Kindergarten teachers to share with the students… I hope that will also help prevent a little bit of the pointing and staring. I’m also willing to come into class and help present Jordan’s book if we need to. I’ll do whatever it takes to help the entire school see Jordan, recognize her differences and move on to more important manners like making friends and learning!


  1. Melissa on August 25, 2011 at 12:59 pm

    Would you be willing to share a copy of the letter you wrote for the teachers? I was talking with another mom who suggested a letter that could go to the kids parents so that if the parents got questions from their children when they got home they would know how to answer them. Did you do anything like this as well?


  2. Jen Lee Reeves on August 28, 2011 at 11:33 am

    Melissa! I’m sorry for the delay – here’s a post about the letter we sent home:

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