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Gear up!

It’s about that time… Where I get a chance to take the kids to what has become one of their favorite parts of the summer: Camp No Limits. We’re so excited!! Camp starts on Sunday. I have to get packing… and quick!

This is our third year attending the Missouri camp – We’ve been to every year it’s come to our state and the experience is incredibly special to us. I can’t say enough about the wonderful things that happen when kids with all kinds of limb differences and their family have a chance to spend time together outside. Play is such a simple and wonderful thing.

So, after three straight weeks of swimming lessons, I’m taking the kids to camp and hope they can use those skills to the fullest. I’ve never put Jordan and her brother through intense lessons like this – they’re tired. But wow, they’ve made huge strides (or should I say swim strokes). I guess that makes it worth it, right? The down side is it’s kept me from having time to really post as much as I normally do here on Born Just Right. Summer is supposed to be for down time – but it just seems extra busy for me!

What’s been really neat about this summer for me is the many opportunities I have to meet dozens (if not more) moms and dads who use the Internet to connect through websites and blog. I’m attending the Brands and Bloggers Summit in Chicago this weekend and the BlogHer conference in San Diego next month. I’m really looking forward to continuing to expand the message of this site and seeing where we can go!

This summer also has seen some awesome conferences that focus on abilities. Jordan and I continue to talk about the great experience we had at the Amputee Coalition conference last month. Not long ago, the No Barriers Summit introduced all kinds of people with special needs ways to enjoy nature. I wish I could have been there but I follow a mom on Facebook who has shared her experience. She told me about an adaptive sports guy who has her daughter kayaking! (Jordan has already told me she wants to start kayaking when we visit Maine next year.) I learned about Vitality in Action while I was at the Amputee Coalition meeting. They have some really great events in Denver – if you’re in the area, I highly recommend learning about the organization. They’re using ice skating as a way to motivate and teach self confidence no matter what kind of abilities you have.

Get out there and find the services and organizations that can help you kids feel supported and in our community – where you live and in the special needs world. There are so many kids who can back each other up thanks to the simplicity of parents making contact with other parents. I am so lucky to have this site and so many of you to back me up – Please know I’m there to do the same for you when and if you need it!

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  1. Nicole @ Help! Mama Remote... on July 17, 2011 at 8:16 am

    Camp no limits looks like a blast! It was great meeting you at #BBSummit11 and hope to see you next year!

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