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Flashback Friday: Camp from the Past and Future

Jordan has attended Camp No Limits Missouri since 2009. It's a special part of her summer and her life.I’ve talked on and on about Camp No Limits and today is not the last time it will come up on the blog. Jordan raised an awesome amount of money for camp and little donations continue to come in. (We are so honored.) Thanks to so many of you and your donations, we have the ability to help fund families for the Camp No Limits Missouri camp.

I’m happy to say, the first recipients of this year’s fundraising is Tate and his family from the amazing website, Tate Can Too. Have you seen it? Tate and his mom show a different thing he can do with one hand each day. The simplicity and positive perspective just makes me smile every time I stop by. Tate’s mom, Patti, and I started talking through this blog when our kids were really young. The conversations spilled out into Twitter and Facebook. But you know, we’ve never had a chance to meet in person? It’s crazy to think a family I feel such a connection to has never met with us face-to-face!

It’s time to change that.

Camp No Limits is an experience where I feel any and all limb different kids and families of limb different kids can benefit. Jordan has learned life skills and met mentors who help guide her to be strong (inside and out) and confident. Cameron has met siblings who understand what it’s like to not be as recognizable as your brother or sister. (Cam gets really aggravated when people call him “Jordan’s brother” instead of knowing him by name.) Randy and I have found it incredible to meet more limb different families. I feel blessed to be able to meet so many people and we can lean on each other.

Camp registration is underway and I hear the Maine camp is already filling up!

You know what’s really cool about helping sponsor Tate and his family? They want to pay it forward. Visit their website and see how they’ve launched a Firstgiving fundraising site. They want to help sponsor other families who want to attend camp!

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