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Equestrian therapy returns

Jordan is back on her favorite horse Thunder this Fall. I’m so excited for her. This is her fifth session with the local therapeutic riding stables. We love it there, I love the people who works there and Jordan smiles such a huge smile with her favorite horse. This session I was pretty sure we weren’t going to be able to participate because I signed up late. Somehow we were able to sneak into a Friday afternoon session. Jordan not only got to participate, she still got to ride her favorite horse.

Jordan’s first Fall session went really well. She is working with new physical therapists and was able to show off everything she’s learned. The time she spends with Thunder really helps her learn her core strength and it helps her feel a balanced stride. The pictures really show how straight she sits and how confident she is. It’s super cool.

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  1. Jac (Mama Bugg) on September 22, 2010 at 7:35 pm

    What an awesome opportunity for Jordan! I’ve often thought of something like that for my little one, I really think that confidence is even more important for kids with missing limbs.

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