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Dance class success

Dancing with her helper arm!

Using Jordan’s helper arm at dance was a huge success… You can see in this blurry picture that she’s still reaching a bit to touch “hands” but her balance was so much better when she wore “bouncy hand” to her class. She also had no problem walking across the balance beam with it one. Last week she couldn’t stay on it to save her life. It’s amazing what a little more leverage can do.

So that has me thinking. I try to get her to wear her arm a little every day… But should I be a little more pushy about it? She’s been battling a skin rash on her arm thanks to her prosthetic… So air is important. But so is balance and improved use of her arm.

I’m pretty torn. But I’m thrilled her arm is helping for another important part of her life. This year Jordan has found her arm is really important for riding a bike and now she know it’s a lot of help when she dances.

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  1. Kristi on October 13, 2009 at 9:07 am

    Our 4 yr old son just had his annual check up at Shriner’s and we asked them about a prosthetic. Since my son does have an elbow (his arm ends a few inches past it) , we have not opted to use a prothetic prior to this. He hooks his little arm into things and we felt a prosthetic would be more of a hindrance than a help. However, he’s having trouble with bike riding so Shriner’s is going to make a special prosthetic just for that. We are taking his bike in next week and from what I understand, it will be primarily attached to the bike.
    So for him, we will probably not push the use of a prosthetic except for specialized activities where he needs the extra help. But if he didn’t have that elbow, we would likely have gone a different path.

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