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Cookies, Basketball and Trying to Keep Things "Normal"

We’re trying to get life back to normal after a month that feels a bit surreal. The combination of Jordan’s trip to New York City to take part in Kid Inventor Day and a separate trip to visit The Rachael Ray Show has led to a lot of exciting developments for Born Just Right and Jordan. But wow, when you’re the parent of an eleven-year-old kid, you want to try and keep things are “normal” as possible.

What is normal for us? That’s a good question. I’ve said time and time again, no one creates a guidebook to help raise a kid who has lived online her whole life. There are also no guidelines that talk about how to support a kid who was on a national television show and has an article on a few days later. Add in one on Cosmopolitan’s website and some amazing tweets. Her head is a bit spinny. And I want to keep life moving as traditionally as possible.

So, she’s still hanging out with her friends. Basketball practice and games continue. And she’s working hard distributing hundreds of Girl Scout cookie boxes. (You can still buy some from her. She has a crazy goal of selling 500 boxes and she’s only hit 200 so far.) Sorting the boxes with the orders is almost harder than collecting the signatures in the first place. She’s hitting CrossFit at least once a week. She and Cameron even performed in a small piano recital over the weekend with their music studio.

We are keeping traditionally busy during a non-traditional experience on the Internet. That’s the best I can do for Jordan. And while she goes about her traditional way of life, I’m trying to collaborate with the Born Just Right board as we try to move forward with our nonprofit as effectively as possible. It’s so amazing to see what is able to evolve from a simple idea that included glitter.

I never liked glitter before. But these days, it’s one of the brightest items in a sea of sadness in my social media streams. I’m honored to be a part of such a happy project.

I’m also excited to see so many new eyes on Born Just Right. We hope we can amaze you.

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