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Busy times

As I get back into a new semester in our newsroom, I’m not updating any of my blog often enough! Jordan is growing so dang fast, I really should document it more.

Yesterday was an interesting one… Jordan apparently had a hard time at school. She didn’t want to listen. She’s more hard headed right now than I’ve seen in a long time. She’s in four-year-old mode WAY ahead of her late December birthday. She also had a chance to take part in a cognition lab experiment on campus. She got to talk about numbers. But the funny thing is how Jordan isn’t very interested in numbers. She’ll count when she wants to count. So it was interesting to watch her work with the tester — later after I stopped shooting video, Jordan was less interested in completing the task.

Jordan has to hang out a lot on the football field these days while her brother plays touch football. It’s a time intensive process… Learning how to play football takes a lot of work! Jordan is dealing with the time on the fields playing and meeting so many people. She is NOT shy!! I think it’s amazing to watch.

I’d love to go on and on about developments in Jordan’s world. But the most stand out meeting was yesterday when I took Jordan to meet with an upper extremity expert from Hanger Prosthetics. I explained why were using the kind of arm Jordan is wearing these days… And the group meeting with us made it sound clear that we are doing a good job and Jordan is using a prosthetic the way they’d want a kids to wear at this age! She’s so cool. They didn’t recommend any changes at this point (and I agree). I’m pretty excited to work with an arm that leaves Jordan happy… and she’s still wearing it! (I don’t take enough pictures of her wearing it, but I swear she wears it – especially that bike arm!! She’s an amazing biker when she uses her bike hand. She’s really figuring out ways to use bouncy hand!

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  1. Patti on September 21, 2009 at 7:42 am

    I had a day off today and watched the shows from Pepper and friends last week. Jordon you were adorable on there. I think I even caught a glimpse with a clip of your brother on one show.

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