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A few more firsts… and no time to talk

dsc05972First I want to apologize to all of Jordan’s fans. I haven’t been online as much as usual… Mainly because I made a HUGE change in my lifestyle over the last month. I’m working out 6-7 days a week. I joined a really nice gym and I’m even running my first 5K on Saturday. It’s crazy. But it also means I haven’t spent the amount of time I normally spend in front of my computer. When I do hang out on the computer it’s probably to check in on my job, catch up on emails or talk on Twitter (I have a bit of a Twitter habit).

Anyway – Jordan has been so busy keeping up with her busy mom. AND enjoying every bit of her time at school, the gym play area and time at home with our family or hanging with neighborhood friends. Jordan has a little posse at school already. That’s a picture of her with one of them. K is big time buddies with Jordan. It’s so incredible to watch so many new kids have so much fun together. Her room ranges from 2 and a half to 5… so there are challenges between the little and big kids. But on the whole, they are all so darn sweet to each other.

dsc_1674Jordan also had a chance to attend her first birthday party… It was at a local gymnastics gym for her friend S who attended Jordan’s old school. Oh my goodness it was so cool to watch the kids play together again. There was a small group of girls there who have played since they were tiny babies. It was so fun to see them following each other around. And MAN was Jordan bossy to them. Let’s go here! Let’s go over there! The girls listened to her a little. The whole event was just to exciting to follow Jordan’s directions the whole time.

Anyway – since the party Jordan has talked about S a bunch and it looks like the girls are going to hang out together later this month. Jordan has also been able to play a bit with little twin girls who live a couple of houses up from us – they’re four months younger and the three of them together is priceless. I’m so lucky to have great kids and families in our neighborhood.

Along with play time and fun time… Jordan has FULLY adjusted into the personality of a three year old. She’s bossy. She falls into whiny mode and can’t get out of it. We are all exhausted. But it comes with the territory. OH! She’s so bossy she had convinced her new school that she’s four years old.  The women who work at the gym’s play area also told me they weren’t sure if Jordan was three or four just because she’s so talkative. It’s funny.

dsc05983This past week I decided to purchase Jordan’s latest “Dude. Where’s My Arm” t-shirt. It’s the third one – I keep buying a new one as she grows. But this year I also bought her first Sammy’s Friends t-shirt. She is SO proud to have a shirt with a little-arm kid. The shirt comes from a group I help moderate with three or four other women called Sammy’s Friends ( It’s a simple Yahoo Health Group that I hope we can build into something bigger someday. But in the meantime, we’re selling t-shirts to help with little expenses (like postcards and custom URLs). Eventually we hope to go non-profit. But I think we’re all pretty consumed with this whole child-rearing thing right now. Maybe when the kids get bigger.

For now, I look forward to running my first race. It’s cool to have a goal to work towards. In one month I went from never running to being able to run 3.1 miles and more (a 5K is 3.1 miles). I enjoy the challenge and I’m starting to feel really good as I run. I hope it shows my kids that their mom is healthy and they can be healthy too. I don’t have anything to worry about in the healthy, active kid department… But I want to make sure I can prove to them that my health is as important as their health. It’s a new thing for me and it’s cool to see it working.

Heck, I’m so focused that I ran a 5K on Saturday our on the local bike/walk/running trail and then dragged the whole family out for a hiking/picnic trip at a local state park. We’re living it up I tell ya. And because of that I apologize for not keeping up. I’ll try to do better. The best news of all: Jordan is doing well. She’s taking risks, she is showing how able she is and she’s making new friends left and right. (In between an opinionated demand or rebellious comment or two)

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  1. Lisa Painter on February 9, 2009 at 3:17 pm

    Hi there, I have a son who just turned one, missing his right arm below the elbow. Did you have the “dude, where’s my shirt” made or do you order it somewhere? I’d love to get one, I also know of Sammy’s Friends, and I think I’ll get one of those shirts too!


  2. Lisa Painter on February 9, 2009 at 3:18 pm

    I meant to say, “dude, where’s my arm” tshirt 🙂 ha!

  3. Student of Life on February 10, 2009 at 5:10 am

    I am so proud of you! One of my goals after I have this baby is to learn to run. I’ve never been able to. I will use you as my inspiration.

    Oh, and, YAY to you for stepping away from the computer and out into the world. That is awesome. Your readers will be here whenever you are. That’s what blog readers are for (Bloglines, Google Reader, etc.). You get out there and enjoy life, sister.

  4. Angie on February 19, 2009 at 1:13 pm

    Very cute pic of the girls at the party. Looking forward to the weekend! Sophie keeps telling me she is ready to leave her castle school and go to Jordan’s new school!

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