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Day 4: A New Arm and Exhaustion

I’m in the Dallas Airport right now… Jordan is running around in a kids’ play area. She’s the littlest one here, but she doesn’t seem to mind. We had Jordan’s new prosthetic for about two hours before we needed to head to the airport. Occupational therapy wasn’t extraordinarily helpful since Jordan was spent from all…

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Day 3: My Girl is a Trooper

The day started out calmly. I got to take Jordan to the store to get her new shoes that would fit. We found a Stride Rite that was really close to the prosthetic office and found these cute little diddies. Then I went to Payless to find some black shoes that I think will work…

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Day 2 evening in review

We’re ready to go today… But things don’t really start rolling until this afternoon so we’re going shopping for shoes. In the meantime, I wanted to show you a highlight of last night: Silly me… I forgot my camera. Can you believe… Me? So the iPhone had to do in low light — so it…

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Day 2: Getting Things to Work

We slept a TON last night. Jordan was so well rested that she popped out of her pack and play and squealed HI!!! to me this morning. I figured that meant she was ready for business today. We worked with two different test sockets, watched a lot of Elmo and finally got Jordan into the…

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Day 1: Getting Started on a New Prosthetic

We got up crazy early this morning (even though Jordan seemed quite alright about it at the time – that picture shows her bright and cheery in the car around 6am) and headed out to Houston. The combination of morning traffic in St. Louis and a 20 minute layover in Dallas was enough stress for…

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