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limb difference community

Feeling the Real Impact of our Work

Last night, a very cool thing happened. Jordan was publicly announced as a speaker at TEDxCoMo – a local TEDx planned in Columbia, MO in April. Jordan has a chance to contribute to a conversation about being a “citizen.” That’s a general word that has a lot of opportunity for interpretation. Jordan plans to share…

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Expanded reasons for thanks

It’s Thanksgiving Day in the United States and it gives me an awesome excuse to be thankful for so many things this year. The World of Inclusive Design This year, we got to know some remarkable people involved in the world of inclusive design. From Kate Ganim at KIDmob who convinced me to bring Jordan…

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Regrouping and Regaining a Voice

Born Just Right is a constant in our lives. I started writing this site in May of 2005. But for the first time in a long time, I’ve felt quiet. I’m full of thoughts and things to write, but I’ve had so many things in my brain, I kind of shut down. This year has…

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I've got your back. I know you've got mine.

Almost exactly two years ago, I wrote a post about how I am careful about the photos I share of kids on this site and Born Just Right’s social media pages. Specifically, limb different kids. I focus on the stories we learn as Jordan grows and share a lot of the photos I take along…

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An Upworthy Moment to Share

Yesterday, Jordan and I had a chance to do an interview with a local magazine. During the conversation, I was asked how I feel about Jordan’s recent success in sharing her efforts to raise awareness about physical differences. It’s a question no one has asked before. All of this very kind attention is based on ten years…

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Celebrate differences during Limb Loss Awareness Month

It doesn’t come with a lot of shirts or ribbons but today, the Amputee Coalition launches its fifth year of Limb Loss Awareness Month. This year, the organization is looking to help prevent older adults from amputations by checking for possible circulatory problems in feet. It’s not the focus many families have when it comes to limb loss…

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Always finding a chance to meet new friends

One of the greatest purposes of this website is finding ways to bring our families together. It can be through raising money so families can meet at Camp No Limits. Sometimes it’s setting up pen pal relationships or creating meet ups across the country. Sometimes it’s a long wait before we meet someone in person.…

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The magic of community

Community. We come together in so many ways. The first way I think about community is when I have a chance to meet in person with the wonderful people who are a part of the Born Just Right community. Our most recent meetings were in California. We meet up with families in San Jose, Santa…

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Raising awareness about limb differences

Jordan’s brother, Cameron, is super involved in our work with Camp No Limits. This past year was the first time he didn’t get a chance to attend the summer camp in Missouri. It looks like he’s going to miss the 2015 camp for an amazing trip to Yellowstone National Park. But that hasn’t stopped his…

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