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VIDEO: Meet Jordan's swim paddle

Introducing Miss Jordan’s new swim paddle! Before we left Chicago we had a chance to hop into a hotel pool and test it out. The paddle is attached to her arm with two rubber bands and velcro. It’s very different for Jordan since it holds on tightly and she’s not a fan of how it…

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VIDEO: Meet Jordan's latest helper arms

Take a look at Jordan’s new arms. It’s pretty cool to check out. I shot a little bit of video with her trying things out in the appointment room on Monday: Jordan and I are finally back home. On our way, we had a chance to visit one more Born Just Right family. Seriously, I…

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Building Jordan's new arm – Day 1

I feel like we’re total pros now that we’re working on Jordan’s sixth ever prosthetic arm process. The very first one when she was four months old was done the old-school way. It’s when you go in to have the arm measured and casted, then you come back every week to check a fitting, test…

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VIDEO: Special gifts

We have had a very exciting weekend in our household. Jordan and I are gearing up to head back to Chicago to build her next helper arm. She had the challenge this weekend to pick out the next design for her arm. The cool thing about the type of prosthetics she uses is we can…

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