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Archive for October 2012

Flashback Friday – Memories of Winter

A year ago this week, we had a chance to meet Winter the Dolphin… It was one of the most special things we’ve done as a family. Here’s the video of the meeting and some photos. It was a really wonderful trip… We are so thankful for the opportunity and the anonymous donors who sent…

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Sharing inspiration in the news

I’m making a big transition this week… After Friday, I’m leaving 17 years of working television newsrooms to work for the national AARP organization. I’m becoming the organization’s social media trainer and I’m thrilled for the opportunity. It also means some changes here at Born Just Right. I promise to get a t-shirt shop going……

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A dancer emerges

This past week, Jordan’s dance studio held an open house. I try to bring a fancy camera every time so I can catch a shot or two of Jordan participating in class. But this year, something different happened… She started to “get” it. I watched her use her core strength (an important focus for anyone…

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Flashback Friday: A broken heart

It came so suddenly even though we all knew Bubba the Pug was getting old. The old dog suddenly couldn’t move his legs well. He was just laying there. It was so hard to watch. The kids knew it must be something bad, but they figured the vet could fix it. Heck, five months ago,…

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Meeting Hayden Filson

A while back I went on a rant about the way the media covers limb differences… Some Illinois media outlets reported on a “one armed” high school softball player. If you watch the video, you quickly see how Hayden Filson has TWO ARMS and one hand. It put me on a media rant that has…

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Flashback Friday: Taking risks

Being the parent of a limb different baby forces you to take risks… And back in the winter of 2006, I had a lot of learning to do with Jordan as a newborn. There’s so much going on when you’re a parent of a newborn with or without a physical or developmental challenge. You’re exhausted,…

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Looking ahead for my girl and all girls

This pictures shows one of my most favorite places in the world, Mackerel Cove, Maine. What Jordan doesn’t know is her dad and I have a dream that she’ll have a simple ceremony some day at this spot when she’s ready to get married. We have a vision of a happy day by the ocean…

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Soccer season in full force

Jordan decided to make a grand return to soccer this fall. The strange thing is Jordan is totally on the fence between liking it and disliking it. It started out with a chance to practice soccer with the bigger kids each week. She always has fun but feels timid right before they start. Fast forward…

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Flashback Friday: Years and years of storytelling

I started posting family stories to the web in 2002. I started blogging in 2004. I have years and years of storytelling. I go back into the long history of this site – all seven years of it (YIKES) and I realize I have such a depth of experiences, I should dig in deeper and reshare…

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Active, healthy and tired

First I want to thank everyone for the incredible outpouring of support after my post a couple of days ago. Parenting a child with a limb difference is a little different, but I think every kid has wondered if they are the kid their parent wanted. I know I wouldn’t want either of my kids…

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