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Archive for July 2012

The 2012 Olympics opens with an angelic limb difference

The Paralympic Opening Ceremonies a month away… but did you know a limb different child helped open the Olympic Games? Did you hear the beautiful solo of a well-known British hymn, Jerusalem? (It isn’t easy to find online. Here’s a link I found so you can watch.) What I didn’t notice the first time I…

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VIDEO: Creativity on her own

I am super happy to have Jordan back after spending a week with her Poppy. I’ve missed her a ton. Coolest part was having her run into the house this afternoon yelling for me. She gave me the most awesome hugs and snuggles. I feel like a very lucky Mom to be so loved. Along…

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A city run and a conference chat

What a weekend. Not only did I have a chance to run and raise $500 for Camp No Limits, I had a chance to meet up with really wonderful people at #bbsummit12. The conference included friends I’ve known for a while and others I’ve only known online until this weekend. Plus, I was able to…

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I'm running for Camp No Limits

Last December, Jordan and I launched our first ever fundraiser for Camp No Limits. In about a month, Jordan was able to celebrate her birthday knowing we raised enough to send six kids to camp. She’s incredibly proud. So this year, I hope to raise even more for a number of reasons. First, we want…

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Getting into the right mindset

This morning was the start of a new week-long summer camp. It’s Cameron’s fifth year attending Camp Invention but it’s Jordan’s first. That means a new environment, new kids and new questions. We’ve been through it many times before but it’s been a while since Jordan went into a totally new environment to meet new…

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Jumping into the blog world

When you are a parent, you can feel alone even when there are all kinds of parents around you. There are hundreds of parenting books out there but in the end, it’s up to you to figure it all out. I’ve spent years figuring it out while blogging about it along the way. I started…

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A growing, yet fractured, community

I’ve talked about the special needs world during public speeches and here on this site regarding a constantly changing face of the community. Social networking is a huge reason why so many more families and members of the special needs world can connect with each other. I have learned SO much from so many other…

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Power struggle

We ended the swim season today. It was the first time we’d joined a swim team… and I want them to continue. But wow. It was hard to stick with it. There are a handful of reasons: 1) Jordan hates being cold. When she’s cold, she’s cranky. When she’s cranky, she doesn’t want to listen.…

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All kinds of love

In the last month, Jordan had a chance to be a flower girl in two weddings. One for one of my former students and one for my uncle who was able to find love after we lost my aunt to ovarian cancer. After attending Camp No Limits, there was a lot of discussion about how…

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