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Archive for May 2012

Pushing through

I did something remarkable over this holiday weekend. A day after returning from a business trip, I decided to do something kind of crazy. I had signed up for a half marathon early in the year and in the last month or two I had decided I wasn’t fit enough to run in the race.…

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Celebration season is coming soon

Jordan is in two wedding this summer. Two! What a lucky girl. And even luckier? We get to use the same dress in two different ceremonies – one in June and one in August. Her dress arrived this week and she finally got to put it on. It’s beautiful!!! And we’ve already scheduled her dress…

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Video: Dancing up a storm once again

It was the big dress rehearsal for Jordan’s dance class. She LOVES the chance to get all dolled up and the dress rehearsal was a chance for me to practice putting her hair in a bun. I’ve never done it before… and after I got tips from much more experienced bun-makers (which happens to be…

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Checking over the 504 Plan

I had a quick meeting with my school case manager who is helping oversee Jordan’s 504 Plan. We went through what was set up at the start of the school year and had a chance to talk to Jordan’s Kindergarten teacher about what works and if there are any needed additions. What I learned during…

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Mother's Day with #family

This was one of the craziest Mother’s Day weekends since my first Mother’s Day in 2002. That’s right… It’s so strange to think I’ve been a part of this mom world for ten years. Mother’s Day weekend 10 years ago seemed just as crazy. I graduated from grad school the day before Mother’s Day… Cameron…

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VIDEO: Play ball!

Jordan is officially a softball player and she loves it. She’s played three games in the last week and a half and is enjoying every moment. She’s working really hard at catching the ball with her glove and then throwing it. Sometimes she moves the glove under her arm to throw, other times she throws…

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Feeling proud about a limb difference

I am halfway through Jim Abbott’s new book, Imperfect; An Improbable Life. After each chapter recounts a part of his childhood, I’m taken aback by how uncomfortable he’s been throughout his life about his limb difference. Times are a little better when it comes to limb differences. Culturally, our school system is more accepting. Jordan is…

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