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Archive for February 2012

Losing a Grandma

The world lost one of the best grandmas today. Jordan’s Grandma Jone lost a brief but valiant fight against cancer. One dose of chemo not only destroyed the bad stuff, it destroyed all of her good stuff. Cancer sucks so much. We lucked out in the Grandma department for tons of reasons. The biggest reason…

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Sticking my neck out – What is the proper balance?

I love blogging. I love being able to write stories of my world and learn from others. I also think it’s challenging to be in the blog world with a positive focus and a desire to spread the word about advocacy and support… It’s tricky to balance it all by making sure I don’t come…

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Your reader's choice vote counts

I knew Born Just Right’s Facebook community was special… But I had no idea how special until I found out late last night at it is nominated for a really cool award. Members of the Facebook page nominated it for’s Favorite Special Needs Online Community Award and now it’s a finalist! You can help…

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Important prayers

Last night I had to tell the kids their Grandma is very sick. We said many prayers. At bed time Jordan asked if she could say a special prayer for her grandma before she went to sleep. She tried to get me to say it for her, but I encouraged her to say it on…

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Let the app fun continue

I’ve proved it time and time again… I’m a bit of an app geek. So… Let me introduce to you a new iPhone app that I had to play with. It’s called Cinemagram and I tried it out with Jordan’s princess wave: It’s so silly and fun. Oh – and since I updated this, I…

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Limb Difference Ryan Gosling – For the Smiles

I love laughter when it comes to any situation in life. No matter how tough it is, if you can’t stay positive, what is the use? I try to stay positive as often as I can… and when I feel down, I seek out opportunities to smile. That’s why Jordan has owned a “Dude, Where’s…

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Love is in the air

Love is in the air at our household. In between the time when the kids are bickering at each other, I feel like we’re in a very special time where both kids are sweet and cuddly and are so loving. There’s something about the range between six years old and almost ten years old that…

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Broken is actually good

It’s hard to celebrate a broken helper arm… but having it break is a sign that Jordan is using her arm a lot more at school. Yesterday she was playing on the playground when she fell down and broke her helper. I got a call from the office asking if I knew how to fix…

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Share the love

I share a lot about our family… so I wanted to share this. Jordan’s Grandma isn’t feeling very good… So she needs prayers and love in whatever form you can think of. We love her very much and hope she feels better very soon.

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