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Archive for November 2011

Santa Time!

I have a thing for taking the kids to see Santa… It’s cute and I’m running out of years where this tradition is exciting. Cameron has figured it all out… But he and I have made a pact to keep it away from Jordan for at least this year. So when we took pictures with…

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Holiday time with the family

I can’t say any person in our family was ready to get back to the normal swing of things this morning… There’s something awesome about a long unscheduled holiday weekend. Sure, Jordan’s parents had to work a bit this past holiday, but that didn’t stop all of us from having fun and bringing the holidays…

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Thankful for gatherings

Over the weekend we had two different chances to meet up with kids who were born just right. On Saturday, one of our friends who we met through this website happened to be at the same football game as we were. Jordan and her friend had SO much fun being goofy and running on the…

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Tying shoes a little differently

Over the summer Jordan had figured out how to tie her shoes under the guidance of some really wonderful friends at Camp No Limits. The challenge for me was taking those skills and extending it into the real world. Jordan didn’t really own shoes with laces when we got home from camp and I didn’t…

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Celebrating Jordan's birthday for Camp No Limits

Jordan’s birthday is 46 days away! I know that sounds silly for us to start counting down so early… But Jordan and I were talking about her birthday and the many things we could do for it. She’s never had a real party at our house since we’re often out of town for the holidays…

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Badgering on the playground

Jordan has a troublemaker who won’t back off. The good news? Her school is trying to work with this little boy to let it go… Yes, Jordan has one hand. Yes, Jordan has a little arm. No, it is not gross. He likes to yell at Jordan. He tells her he doesn’t like her arm.…

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Preview of the holidays

Jordan and her dance class are planning for the holiday dance recital. Unfortunately, she won’t be able to perform at the recital because it’s the same weekend as when we’re in Chicago building her next helper arm. She’s bummed about missing the performance, she’s excited about building a new helper that she’ll be able to…

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Family celebration

We wrapped up a wonderful celebration for Jordan and Cameron’s grandparents (and my in-laws). They are celebrating something that you just don’t hear about a lot these days: a 50th wedding anniversary. To add into the fun, the kids’ uncle brought his girlfriend and her awesome triplets who spent a super fun week with us…

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A moment to remember

For three days during our Disney trip, we went to bed late enjoying the late closing times at the Disney World parks and woke up early to snag the early opening hours. The extended morning and night hours are only for people who stay in Disney resorts. We love riding the rides with shorter lines…

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Ask and amazing things happen

Last week I was super excited to announce how a session I pitched for the Southby Southwest conference (SXSW) was accepted last week. I’m really excited to rally the smart minds of the conference into thinking of solutions that might help the many sections of the special needs world come together. A little more than…

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