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Archive for September 2011

Mini-Moment: Confidence at School

A friend of mine told me I needed to blog about a moment I learned about at school from our principal. Jordan was at the lunch table when he walked up and offered to open her milk container. She looked up at him like he was crazy to ask. Then every other kid at the…

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Princess Fun with Disney Live!

There aren’t many times when I have a chance to give away fun things for readers who live in my area, but this one is pretty exciting. As I have posted many times in the past, Miss Jordan loves being a part of the princess culture. Next month, kids in or near Columbia, MO have…

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Sharing my passion at #140conf

I’m in Hutchinson, Kansas attending a 140 Characters Conference. Today’s topic is a collection of stories from small towns. If you like Twitter, you can see the discussion with the #140conf or #140confsmalltown. This is an opportunity for anyone to pitch an idea to speak about for 10 minutes. My topic? How my job taught…

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Why I Run

Running is a big part of my world right now… And I realize I never really write about it. I figured it’s about time I let everyone know what I’ve been up to outside of my kid and work world (and the many activities we do each week). A friend of mine talked me into…

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Special Needs on the Big Screen

“I wasn’t emotionally prepared for that,” is what my husband Randy said after we had a chance to watch a sneak preview of the Dolphin Tale movie in 3D. But the kids were ready and happy to enjoy the experience. As a parent of a child who has COMPLETELY bought into her personal connection with…

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Destroying Limitations

A number of months ago, a runner in town asked me if I’d be interested in taking part in supporting the local disabilities community – he told me he worked at the local disabilities support organization and noticed I support special needs. Of course I said yes. I wasn’t planning on running in an official…

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We remember. I'm sharing.

I told Jordan about September 11th last night for the very first time. I wrote my memories from that day when President Obama announced Osama bin Laden was dead back in May… This day ten years ago really changed everything for me as a parent. I was only two months pregnant, working full time in…

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Running through the gardens. Discovering the pool was just too cold. Racing around a backyard too fast with Cameron pulling Jordan in a wagon. Cameron being sweet to the younger kids during Monday night’s potluck. Jordan reaching over and rubbing my wrinkled up forehead saying: “Get the grumpy off your face Mommy!” Little moments that…

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School spirit in the heat

When we snag football tickets, we got to the games… I’ve rarely skipped attending with the kids even if the weather is rough. I have a Twitter follower who still gives me heck for taking the kids to a big Nebraska/Missouri game in 2009 where the weather was terrible. But I guess that’s the kind…

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Now you see it. Now you don't.

It hit me as I drove to work. My two kids are so very different and their challenges in life are in many ways very opposite. And the fiery sibling rivalry that roars between them is possibly fed thanks to their individual challenges. After spending a lot of wonderful time with the special needs community…

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