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Archive for October 2010

Weekend memory

As we head into the new weekend… I wanted to share a little about the past weekend. I’m out of town on a work trip and I’ve been so busy, I haven’t been able to give you updates about our super fun weekend last week. Why was it super fun, you ask? Well, I had…

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Goodbye Naps

The time has come. For years, Jordan has taken her lamby blanket to school every day. It’s also found its way to hours and hours of therapy and prosthetic building. But the time has come. Jordan was using lamby for purposes beyond nap time at school. It started causing problems we didn’t need to continue.…

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Corn maze fun

We live about 15 minutes away from a really cool corn maze. The family creates it every year with a different design and quiz questions that you answer as you try to navigate the maze. I decided we’ve ignored this cool spot long enough… So we drove over to check it out this past weekend.…

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Fall pictures

I try really hard to get the kids outside in the Fall and take pictures of them. The sun is a little softer, the leaves are colorful… It’s just a really great thing. The problem this year? This has been a really dry Fall… so the trees are dropping leaves but they aren’t as colorful…

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It happened again

I was out with the kids… and I saw someone smile at me from across the way. I smiled back because I didn’t want to be rude. A few minutes later, he comes walking over to me, says my name and how happy he is to see Jordan. I feel so bad. I couldn’t remember…

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A messy outing

I knew this was going to happen… But I figured, why not. Jordan, Cameron and I were out having fun at a nearby indoor play area when the two kids talked me into going to an ice cream place. I must have been feeling extra kind because not only did I order the kids ice…

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Jewel Jar update

Jordan and I started using a jewel jar to work on a serious respect issue back in August. She has to get the jewels from one jar into the other jar to earn a Fancy Nancy book. I figured I’d share an update. We’re about two months into this process. Earning a jewel still motivates…

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Ready for Halloween

Jordan has a habit of wearing wings with her Halloween costumes… And I was really focused on helping her find something that avoided that accessory. I was in talks with her with all kinds of new ideas. I really wanted her to be a pirate princess. I mean, she does have a REALLY cool monkey…

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Riding, Soccer and the Web

Once again, I allowed life to keep us busy and I haven’t updated enough here. I have noticed that when I’m busy, I tend to share tiny moments online on Facebook and that gets republished onto  Twitter. While I wasn’t posting enough here, Jordan continues to wear her helper arm at school every day. This past…

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