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Archive for May 2010

Taking a big risk at the pool!

We got to the pool this afternoon after having a conversation about water parks. Apparently Jordan’s big brother has gone to two different water parks. Jordan hasn’t gone to one yet. So I used that as a way to encourage her to work on jumping into the pool and riding the big water slide at…

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Warm weather and outside fun

The pools opened this weekend… And the kids were excited. I captured this awesome picture of Miss Jordan’s happiness. She and her brother got to go to a pool two days in a row. Jordan is not a jump-in-and-go kind of pool-goer just yet. She needs to be convinced to go in. Once she’s in,…

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What's going on here?

For the second time in a month, Jordan dealt with multiple days of high fevers… and no other symptoms. It’s pretty annoying when she gets sent home from school for a fever and there’s really nothing we can do about it. She really doesn’t seem to mind the high fever except for when it hits…

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Summer time

I’m already overwhelmed about what we’re headed into this summer. My calendar is full of juggling travel, summer camps, baseball games, dance classes and work meetings. I keep looking at it and thinking about everything we have to do… I’m excited and looking forward to our adventures but I’m also trying to figure out how…

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Trying to help a bit

Ever since I posted about my thoughts about young amputees in Haiti, I’ve been on a quest to see how I can help… And an idea popped into my mind: Camp No Limits. It’s the awesome camp the kids and I attended last year and will attend again next month in Missouri. There will be…

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Time together again

Jordan and I had a chance to go to a picnic with a whole bunch of limb different kids and their families this weekend. It was a lot like the impromptu gathering we had last year except this time it was a little further away from our house and we had even more families! It…

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Dance baby dance!

Tomorrow is the big day for Miss Jordan the dancer. She’s getting her chance to dance in her dance studio’s big Spring recital for the first time. She’s danced there for two full years at this point – but this is the first year she was old enough to perform in the big show. Today…

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Highs and lows of being four

Jordan is a range of emotions these days. She can go from crying about something super silly to running around and giggling at the top of her lungs in a flash. It’s mind blowing at times. The worst is when I wake her in the morning. She wants to go to school with me dropping…

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I am clearly more permissive when it comes to having a second child and dirt. Earlier this week I took Jordan to her brother’s baseball game. It’s rained a lot around here, so the kid play area was covered in puddles. But that didn’t stop Jordan and her friends from playing and playing and eventually…

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Saying goodbye one more time

This past weekend my family traveled to Kansas to bury my aunt who bravely battled ovarian cancer for more than ten years. We celebrated her life with a great family gathering in a small town at a large Mexican restaurant. The kids didn’t get to attend my aunt’s memorial service, so I’m glad they could…

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