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Archive for January 2010

Girl's first musical!

Jordan had a super cool opportunity tonight… She, her brother and I had a chance to see The Wizard of Oz tonight. This was Jordan’s first chance to see a musical. It was Cameron’s second (I took him to the traveling broadway show of the Lion King back in 2006). They both enjoyed it a…

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The Great Outdoors

It’s refreshing to have a child who is happy to just go outside. Last night she spent 45 minutes or so playing out in the slightly muddy backyard. She spent time on the backyard treehouse and swings. She returned covered in extra dirt in her pretty pink dress… But I won’t complain. I appreciate a…

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So big!

Jordan had her four year old check up — And she was a trooper. Three vaccinations and all kinds of fun showing off what a big girl she is (once she got over the shots). The result? She’s 30th percentile in weight and 65th percentile in height. I wish I could say that about myself!!

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She figures everything out

I shared this on Facebook… but I felt like I needed to share this with my blog friends too. Miss Jordan continues to show me that she can do anything… with or without her helper arm. She got a surprise pancake breakfast and had asked me to cut it up… After I had cut the…

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I'm SO sorry.

I was taken aback earlier this week when a person who I recently got to know found out I have a daughter with a limb difference. She immediately said: “OH! I’m SO sorry. That must be so hard.” But it isn’t. And her reaction took me off guard for some reason. Maybe it was the…

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Special Exposure Wednesday

I don’t know how she does it… But Jordan will play outside in the snow forever if I let her. She spent almost an hour during a snowstorm yesterday. When she got inside she demanded hot chocolate. Classic kid.

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Empowerment and leadership

I stumbled onto a PBS special that ran last week that is all about the challenges girls face as they grow up in our society. It talks about the challenges of self-image, technology, violence and education. It was awesome and showed examples of how family, community and programs are supporting girls as they grow up…

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Happy New Year!

Jordan celebrated the new year a little early… We counted down to midnight in Greenland so the kids could go to bed early. It was fun and complete with noise makers and hats. We hope you had a wonderful celebration and an even better 2010!!

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