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Archive for September 2009

Letting her mourn a bit

I’ve mentioned before how Jordan is recognizing her differences… I try not to make a big deal out of the little mentions here and there. But last night was difficult for me and a bit of a moment of awareness for me as a parent. Here’s the story. I was asking Jordan to get ready…

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Good bye Pepper and Friends

A local piece of history ended where I work – a show called Pepper and Friends. Cameron had a chance to go on their holiday show four years ago when I was very pregnant with Jordan. Almost four years later, I felt the urge to get Jordan on the show before it ended. So the…

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Busy times

As I get back into a new semester in our newsroom, I’m not updating any of my blog often enough! Jordan is growing so dang fast, I really should document it more. Yesterday was an interesting one… Jordan apparently had a hard time at school. She didn’t want to listen. She’s more hard headed right…

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