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Archive for April 2009

Good news all around

I took Jordan to meet with her pediatric orthopedic specialist this week to make sure she doesn’t have any anomalies in her hips or spine. We decided to take this step after her physical therapist was concerned about a number of tiny issues with Jordan’s physical abilities and structure. It was so great to watch Jordan bravely…

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A special meeting

Thanks to the Sammy’s Friends group that I help co-moderate, two other families met up with us at the St. Louis Zoo today. We got to meet two sweet little girls who Jordan proudly noticed: “She has an arm like me!” It was so cool. We all walked around the zoo, talked about things any…

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"I misted you!"

There’s nothing like waking up the first morning from being out of town to find Miss Jordan climbing up on the bed to give you a HUGE hug and saying, “I misted you Mommy! I misted you SO much!” Yeah. That’s stinking cute. Jordan’s language is skyrocketing and many of her words that are in…

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Special Exposure Wednesday

It is one of those little concerns that make you think back to high school prom. You worry you might have the same dress as some other girl. I kind of worried about that when I bought Jordan’s Easter dress on the sales rack. That fear sort of came true — but it came true…

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Happy Easter!

What a day for Jordan. I bought her an Easter outfit last week that included new white shoes. Honestly, I don’t know how I kept her from wearing those shoes until today. Anyway, she felt like a superstar in her little outfit. She danced, she floated and as this picture shows, she felt like a…

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A bunch of little things

We met with Jordan’s physical therapist today. We haven’t met with her in months and there have been a bunch of tiny things that have concerned us… Tiny things according to school include how Jordan falls down a little more than others sometimes. Tiny things like how I’ve noticed Jordan sometimes slouches. Her occupational therapist…

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Incredible bravery… And more

Jordan is brave. We’ve known that for a while… but HOLY COW did she prove it over the weekend. Her brother had a huge birthday party celebration at a local indoor playground. It’s a super large version of what my gym has… and the gym playground has clearly given her the bravery to do ANYTHING.…

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A natural

Miss Jordan is a natural with horses. It’s so cool to watch. She had equestrian therapy this afternoon and I got to watch everyone oooh and ahh about her ability to sit very upright even when she’s trotting with the horse. By the way, Jordan’s horse’s name is Thunder. She did so well today that…

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