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Archive for March 2009

So this is a three year old

I have commented a few times about how Jordan is showing true rebellious colors these days. But I haven’t really written it down. It’s exhausting. A portion of that strong rebellion allows her to push through challenges and do things that no one could have imagined. She won’t let me help her put toothpaste on…

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Check this out!

Since Jordan was very small, Randy and I have talked about how cool she’ll be when she gets her iArm – a prosthetic that will contain her iPhone, a small knife (for protection of course), a USB drive and all kinds of technically helpful tools. It will be SO cool. So when I found out…

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The highs and lows

Miss Jordan has had some great highs and lows these days… First, she’s had to put up with me traveling a ton. The whole family has. I appreciate how they’ve dealt with it. In between all of that travel, Jordan continued to dance and started equestrian therapy. She LOVES it. To add to the fun,…

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We'll miss you

There have been so many things going on in Jordan’s world and I will try very hard to catch up… But first I just wanted to say good bye to Mama Dot. She passed away last week and was Jordan’s great-grandma. This is Jordan’s first loss and obviously she doesn’t quite understand. We explained our…

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Heading out again…

I’m about to go out of town again… This time to Austin, TX for the big South by Southwest Interactive festival. I’m excited to attend, but Jordan and Cameron are pretty bummed. I was only home for three days. But we packed in a lot of mommy and kid time. Jordan is doing well. She’s…

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Mommy, come home. Right. Now.

I’m out of town – attending a super nerdy conference in Washington, DC called DrupalCon. And while I’m here… Jordan is at home with her dad and brother. And she doesn’t like it one bit. I swear the majority of our conversations on the phone are like this: Me: Hi Boo! How are you? J:…

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New look

Jordan and Cameron’s grandparents were in town this weekend… And that means the boys got a great haircut (and I even helped out with the process. Someday I might be as good as my father-in-law… or at least get close). Anyway. With the guys looking good, I figured it was a good time to get…

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