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Archive for December 2008

Disney World Excitement

The kids had a chance to go to Disney World for two days this year… We woke up and got out of the door in South Florida at 5am so we could check in early at the All Star Music Resort and head over to visit Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. My parents came along…

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A very princess 3rd birthday

Jordan had the ultimate princess experience for her birthday… Along with getting sweet and fun princess accessories (a crown and a wand) she also got to get her hair done at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique in Cinderella’s castle in the Magic Kingdom. It’s as girly as it gets. Little girls come in and can pick…

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Christmas Day

How exciting can life get when Santa brings you the princess pajamas, pink camera and pink Crocs you asked for? Well… For Jordan it also meant a chance to go to Disney World for two days! The thrill of Santa was alive and well in my parents’ house on Christmas morning. To make the day…

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A Florida Christmas

We returned to South Florida for the first time in two years… Two years. That seems so wrong. But when it takes many days to drive and flying is so expensive… I understand why we had to wait. But man, let me tell you. It was a perfect time to be there. The temperature was…

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Disney Fun

I’m playing catch up with thousands of photos and pictures… I promise to tell many, many stories soon about Christmas and Jordan’s third birthday. But first… A holiday greeting from us:

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Holiday preview

We made it to Florida! We also had a chance to celebrate an early Christmas with Jordan and Cameron’s Poppy and Grandma (aka my in-laws)! They had a ball opening gifts. We also got to drive long distances with the kids in the van — for the first time we had them sitting in different…

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She's really figuring things out

I caught Jordan working with her occupational therapist today before we ran off to attend the December graduation ceremony. It’s incredible to see how she’s able to encourage Jordan to use her prosthetic. The hard part – Jordan won’t do a thing with it unless you remind her that it’s there to help. We’ll get…

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Stage Mommy Pride

Yeah… We had another big dance performance for Jordan. It isn’t the Nutcracker (since we’re at a new school now) but it was a great experience anyway. Jordan did a wonderful job and I have to share the video for you to see: Jordan Dancing in her Recital from NerdyMom on Vimeo.

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So much to catch up on.

Here is a picture of Jordan right before she walked into her new school yesterday. She was so excited. I had a new backpack to give her. She spent all morning wearing it and saying: “I’m ready to go to school!” Her first day in the classroom went pretty well. She played with all kinds…

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