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Archive for October 2008

Such a busy weekend

Jordan is exhausted. I’m exhausted. We’re all exhausted. But MAN did we have fun this weekend. First Cameron, Jordan and I went to see High School Musical 3 in the movies Friday night. It was a heck of a production and we all had fun. Even Jordan was singing along and actually seemed to follow…

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Special Exposure Wednesday

I’m so proud of how big Jordan is getting… She’s decided she will only swing on her brother’s swing. And what’s even cooler – she let him push her a little over the weekend. She’s been so skittish about swings, I was really excited to watch this little moment!

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What a day

Miss Jordan is so big… And if you look at this picture, you’ll agree. She asked to go outside and swing on the swing. Look at the pride and comfort she has on the swing. It was so cool to watch. She doesn’t know how to pump her legs, but she could hang on and…

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Pumpkin patch!!

Jordan had a great time on her very first field trip with her school. She and her friends were SO excited in the process of getting there that by the time the crowd made it to the farm, they were all exhausted! I think the main excitement was just the fact they got out and…

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Troy Farnsworth needs to be my friend

All of my neighbors were talking about a kid who was on The Today Show yesterday morning… He lost his arm to an alligator this past summer and he’s been given the latest technology by Hanger Prosthetics. You should click here and watch. This kid is awesome and clearly I need to get to know…

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Rediscovering Motionbox

I went back to my old video storage site, Motionbox and I was happy to see its improvements. So here’s a bit of video from a couple of weeks ago with Jordan showing some football spirit.

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Sweet day

There are many times when I feel very lucky to live where I live. Today was one of those days. First, we woke up early to go to church to see Cameron perform in the children’s choir. It’s the older group of kids and they sang with the adults. Jordan was excited to see her…

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Feeling a bit stressed

I have a lot going on right now… And I don’t feel like I’m ready for any of it. I’m leading a huge project for election night. Jordan and I go to Chicago the next day to build a new proshtetic and a few days after we get home I’m headed to Shanghai to conduct…

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