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Archive for May 2008

29 Months Old (600th post)

In my constant documentation of Jordan, we’ve reached my girl’s 29th month. Every month is another amazing jump in independence and personality. I’m not sure how I can properly document this little one’s growth as she becomes more like a a little person every day. I obviously post a lot. This happens to be my…

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A memorable Memorial Day

Jordan and Cam got to go to the local Memorial Day parade in town… And I had not realized, but this was her first chance to watch a parade from the side. She’s been in two homecoming parades, but never sat through one. Funny. She was really interested in all of the cars and waving…

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Flowers, puddles and dancing

The morning was rainy, really rainy. So rainy that when it finally stopped, the water was running through our driveway as if it was still raining. Jordan was thrilled to enjoy the puddles and blooming flowers outside. We had spent most of the morning playing Wii Fit. It’s a lot of fun and I broke…

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We had a potty party today

Remember how I was all concerned about this potty thing when we went cold turkey on Sunday? Today Jordan was dry from when we put on the cotton this morning until I put on her bedtime diaper. I’m thinking I might need to give up diapers all together and see what the overnight experience is…

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Flower video

Miss Jordan is all about outside time… So during Cameron’s t-ball game last Friday, we picked flowers. I couldn’t help shooting her in and out of the frame (my nerdy video friends know what I’m talking about)

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Potty update

I promise not to blog much more about the potty training experience. Here’s the deal – Jordan will do it when she wants to do it. Yesterday at school, she told her teachers that she needed to pee, but then they got into a spat over who would take off her pants. Jordan wanted to…

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Wish us luck

I bought the cotton underwear – She’s wearing them and I’ve already had to do two extra loads of laundry. That’s cool, we’re learning. She’s already used the potty more than ever before. And she doesn’t really like it. When she uses the potty, it’s exciting and she’s proud. But she doesn’t like that I’ve…

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Plan averted

I’ve suddenly started feeling crummy. My goal was to leave the house this evening to shop for cotton underwear for the girl… But I’ve suddenly picked up a sore throat and I’m wondering if my body is saying I should put this potty training on hold. I’ll give it a couple of days. Here’s the…

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Grace period?

So… Remember how I thought we were in a grace period when we took the crib rail down? A grace period between when Jordan was contained to her crib and the time when she realizes that she can get out of her bed whenever she wants to? Ummm. We’re still in that grace period. Can…

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