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Archive for March 2007

Wow. Things change fast

I got stuck at work late today because we finally launched the new and improved! (hooray!) So my in-laws got to be there with Jordan when our PT worked with her. Miss Jordan “walked” for an entire 30 minutes. Up and down the driveway, along the little walkway. She just wanted to go, go,…

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15 Months Old

15 Months Old Originally uploaded by NerdyMom. She’s growing so fast. But you know, I’ve been able to slowly work into the toddler world with Jordan. The lucky part of not having a walking toddler is how I’ve been able to watch her personality grow, her language grow… Her love of the world and communication…

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So this is what I do

Here’s a truthful parody of my industry… except I work on the local level. Honest. We’re not as swarmy. What We Call the News | Send To Friends | Funny Animations at JibJab

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Oh dear. I'm obsessed.

So I’m falling deeper and deeper into this little blog world. I like it. It’s nice to find other mommies out there who understand what’s going on. Sometimes I link over to visit with BethGo and find her to be a wonderful support source. Sometimes I visit Imperfect Mommy to check on my friend’s wife…

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Taking a stand

As I had mentioned earlier this week… I didn’t take many pictures of the kids over the weekend. But this one makes me proud. She stood up at the door all by herself. She wanted to watch her brother while I cooked dinner. It’s sweet because she chanted: “Dog! Dog!” And “Bubba! Bubba!” Who knows…

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Classic weekend

Although daddy wasn’t around this weekend, I have to say we had a really good time. It was one of those weekends where I focused so deeply on the kids, that I didn’t even think of finding the camera. I pulled out the camera phone a couple of times. We were outside or doing something…

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Big strides

Jordan’s physical therapist worked with her today… And we’ve both come to the conclusion that we just can’t get much therapy done when I’m around. I’m the comfort zone. I’m not supposed to force her to do things she doesn’t want to do. So she’s going to look into getting permission from my case manager…

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How she grows

I’ve been drowning in work, child care and travel. I haven’t been posting about my world enough lately. But I have to say life with my girl is getting more and more interesting. For a couple of days, the boys of the family were out of town enjoying basketball. So I got to enjoy Jordan…

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She stood up!

After months and months and months of encouraging Jordan… Today, I walked into her room to say good morning and I watched her stand up in her crib. SHE STOOD UP!! I’m so proud. I picked her up, spun her around and read her all of her favorite books.

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Some work to do

I’ve been trying to work with Jordan on her walking with very little progress. Today we met with her physical therapist and she said we have some intense work to do. But if we do that, she thinks we could get Jordan walking in a month or two. So here’s what we have to do……

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