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Archive for January 2007

Simple day

Yesterday Jordan’s sixth tooth arrived after all that hard work. Thank goodness. This morning we had fun with breakfast. I enjoyed taking pictures of her and I decided to capture just a normal moment with my girl in video. We giggled at each other while she popped Cheerios and threw her sippy cup on a…

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Who is that?

I dropped Jordan off in her room today… And as I walked out, there was a new little girl sitting at the table in the bigger kid room. I was a bit confused about that… And kept walking. I didn’t say anything… But I looked for the director of the school as I ran off…

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Getting closer

Jordan worked SO hard on standing up skills today. She is standing up onto things and just standing along furniture better. Today, I plopped her down on multiple different spots and she would stand there… Even the chairs in the kitchen. It’s very exciting. During our therapy today, we’ve decided that Jordan needs to wear…

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Another tooth!

Take the number up to five. Jordan had another tooth appear today and I expect the next top tooth to emerge at any moment. Hopefully she’ll get a bit of a break from all of this tooth making and feely happier. Actually, she hasn’t been that moody, but it’s been noticeable to me. Yesterday Jordan…

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Mood swings

Something is going on with Jordan. Today she wouldn’t eat anything at school except a blueberry muffin and baby food… She wouldn’t eat table food at lunch time. Every time a baby in the room drank a bottle, she wanted one. She desperately needs to get out of the baby room. She’s reverting and doesn’t…

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Money and remote controls

She did it… Jordan stood up on her own today! She stood up on the coffee table twice! Why? She was reaching for her daddy’s wallet and remotes… and she pushed up enough to stand! Then I started putting all kinds of things she wanted onto the table. She didn’t think I was very funny.…

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Fun with a baby

Best meal ever Originally uploaded by Jen. Jordan got to hang out at the newsroom for a while today. I love having her around. The funny part is when Stacey and Randy start playing around with the kids. That’s when silly things happen. They decided to put Jordan in a take-out box… a larger than…

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Another cool toy

Jordan in Pink Originally uploaded by Jen. I figured out another way to play with images I have on Flickr. This is kind of fun. The pictures were taken in June… But it’s still fun.

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So much focus about teeth

Jordan has two teeth working through her gums… She’s a bit drippy and in a pretty good mood. But I’m in the middle of some teeth drama of my own. I’ve been grinding my teeth at night for a while. I got a mouth guard that left my jaw in pain every morning. I stopped…

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