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Archive for November 2006

11 Months Old

We’re only a month away from Jordan turning one. It floors me. Today I had to run around doing way too many things… So I didn’t get to spend enough time with Jordan on her big 11 month old birthday. But I did catch her happy this morning as I got her ready for a…

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So many reasons for thanks

This Thanksgiving is special for so many reasons. We had our annual newsroom dinner. We got to eat really great food. We work in an environment where it’s okay to bring the kids to work. I was able to work from home for half of the day so I could keep an eye on the…

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I've got to get video of that!

Jordan woke up this morning with cute little noises so her Dad and I went in to say good morning. She smiled big and then quickly moved around and sat up on her own… FAST. I’ve never seen her do it so efficiently and quickly. I was very proud. I still am. She’s figuring things…

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Extra day with the parents

Jordan had a strange tummy issue at school yesterday, so she’s going to stick with us today. I think she’s okay, but we’re going to keep watch on her. This morning we spend time just giggling. It’s awesome. Baby giggles may be one of the happiest sounds in the world. I watched her struggle to…

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Baby's first visit with Santa

Santa smiles and tears Originally uploaded by Nerdy Mom. She didn’t like it. She didn’t like it one bit. And Cam tried SO hard to smile, but it’s chaos when a baby is crying and thrashing for her Mommy. Poor kids. I plopped them on Santa’s lap today because I wanted to get the last…

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What a great baby

Jordan was the center of attention for two occupational therapy labs this morning. She got to scoot around and show off her little arm, her prosthetic arm and her many skills that she’s able to do. She was amazing. She flirted, she smiled, she cooed, she uh-ohed… And she didn’t really get cranky until the…

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Learning and growing

Miss Jordan is doing well. I took her to the doctor’s office today to make sure her skin rash isn’t something that needs serious lotion or care to clear it up. I had her sleep with Desitin on her arm and I think the skin is finally losing its redness. It turns out our concerns…

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Big Freaking Deal

For the very first time, Jordan sat up all by herself. She was playing on the floor in the “man cave” when she tried to sit up… Failed and continued to play on the floor. Moments later, she tried again… And DID IT!!!!! Her Grandma and Poppy were in the room at the time as…

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More time in the leaves

45 Weeks Old Originally uploaded by NerdyMom. I found time to get Jordan out into the leaves on a beautiful day. Awesome. Jordan is getting better and better at saying “uh oh” and lately she’s starting to say: “Bye!” She’s happy to move around on her butt, but I’m still working on getting her to…

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