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Archive for September 2006

My big girl

Wow. She’s so big. To think all the ways Jordan has chanced in the last 9 months. She’s starting to try to move around. She’s trying to eat on her own. (She’s playing with chunks of banana as I write this.) She’s communicating and showing more and more opinions. Who knows if she’ll be as…

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9 Months Old

It’s a big day… Jordan is headed into her final 3 months of baby life. She had a fun day… and I promise to post more tomorrow. I just wanted to officially recognize this day. Hooray for Jordan!

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She really wants to be a big girl

Jordan is figuring more things out… She’s wiggling and moving around a bit on the floor. Enough floor time to worry my physical therapist — She’s concerned Jordan’s skin may not be able to tolerate some of the textures she’s around. So I kept watch of Jordan’s arm all day. She rubs it on everything…

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Baby's First Football Game

Mark it down in the baby book (if only I kept up with one)… Jordan got to go to her first football game today. Mizzou kicked some serious butt… Even though the game started out with a turnover. Jordan had so much fun. She danced to the band. She got excited when the crowd got…

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Quick mentions

Jordan is still a bit cranky… But I think she’s coming out of it. She is sleeping through the night again. The down side of that? I think my milk production went back up from the night feedings. Along with not enough sleep, I’m not feeling so great. Jordan, sleep, water and pain relievers are…

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Busy, busy days

I’m in the middle of so many projects at work… I just haven’t been able to keep up with details on Jordan’s exciting world enough. She was sent home from school on Thursday with a fever… I couldn’t really figure out what was wrong. When she woke up on Friday with the fever still around,…

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Now that's kind of strange

Jordan woke up really early this morning. I couldn’t figure out… Except it was punishment for going to bed really late. But later when I was feeding her at school, I noticed her thumb. It’s bright red and has blisters on both sides. She sucked it THAT hard. It’s gross. It has to hurt. And…

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A new toy to take the cling away

Jordan is madly in love with Mommy attention. Yesterday she had to go home with a low-grade fever. So I was really worried she was getting a nasty illness that is spreading through the baby room. She went to bed last night and didn’t wake up until close to 8am. No fever. Just a little…

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He's home!

Just an update: Dudley is home and well. He must have had a great time because he’s exhausted. We’ve learned a lesson and Randy has something new to tease me with.

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Signs my life is too complicated

Dudley pose Originally uploaded by NerdyMom. Dudley ran away when Jordan, Cam and I rushed into the house today. Cam didn’t close the door to the garage and Dud ran off. Did we notice? Nope. Not until a very kind animal control officer called us. Someone in a neighborhood that’s about 30 minutes away in…

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