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Archive for August 2006

Scooting around

Jordan is trying with all her might to move around. So far, what works best for her is slightly moving or scooting on her butt. A teacher told me that Jordan was sitting nearby playing on the play mat. When the teacher looked away, suddenly Jordan was right next to her. Jordan is just scooting…

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A new prosthetic

Wow. Jordan moved her arm with a prosthetic today… She didn’t just move it, she waved her “arm” and she even grabbed a toy with her hand from the prosthetic hand. We finally have a chance to work with what the therapists call her “midline.” That’s the center of her body… Patty cake is a…

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8 Months Old!

Can you believe how Jordan is already 8 months old? I’m shocked and amazed by how quickly this year is going by. I’m also amazed by how Jordan is growing her opinions and ideas of what she should be doing. It must be so hard for her since she can’t quite move around the way…

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Insurance challenge #1

Let the health insurance battles begin. I got my first letter telling me the insurance company won’t pay a dime on Jordan’s first prosthetic. More than $4,000 worth. I’m ready to do battle. But really, what a bummer. This prosthetic hasn’t done much to help Jordan and I’m going to have to fight to get…

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Putting up with a lot

Jordan had a really successful PT session today. We’re trying to teach her to use her legs like legs that can leverage and help her move around. So far, she’s kind of treated her legs like extra hands and arms. So I learned some ways to recognize moments where she can use her legs better.…

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So she must really like that blanket

This morning I had an important meeting, so Randy took Jordan to school. After my meeting I figured I’d go back to school and feed the baby and spend some time with her. When I got there, Jordan was cranky and obviously exhausted. What was the problem? There were a couple of reasons. First, she…

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"An Angel"

I spent a really nice day with Jordan today. We had a sweet morning together. I took her to school and came by early afternoon to feed her on my way to campus. When I got there, one of the teachers said Jordan had been an angel today. That made me smile. So I came…

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Sweet times with my girl

Look at that amazing baby! Originally uploaded by Jen Reeves. So we had a quick trip to St. Louis yesterday and we had a chance to take her to the Magic House. It was SO cool. It’s really a place for toddlers and older, but there’s a baby room that Jordan really liked. There was…

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Rolling around

You know, I was talking to my friend Heather about rolling and I realize I never updated anyone on Jordan’s rolling skills. She gets it now. She is so good at it, the first thing she does when I put her down for a nap is roll onto her belly. I think she’s kind of…

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Some work to do

Jordan and I just wrapped up another PT appointment and I discovered an interesting thing she’s started doing. Instead of leaning to reach for a toy, she bends all the way to the front, throws her legs back and ends up on her belly. That way she can reach for toys. She maintains her center…

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