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Archive for April 2006

4 Months Old!

Jordan turned four months old today! I spent so much time snapping pictures today that I almost forgot to post on here. Jordan enjoyed her 4th month birthday by finally taking 3 naps. Three good, long naps. And that should give her the chance to sleep 12 hours through the night. It won’t make up…

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Fantastic OT day

I’m posting kind of late — It’s actually Thursday now. But I wanted to mention how Jordan rocked at OT today. We were encouraging her to try to roll onto her belly. For the first time, she really lifted up her head and helped her shoulders move. She actually moved onto her little arm and…

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Our first step towards a new tool

Working Randy’s shift and caring for both kids in the morning is insane. I wake up early, get the dogs ready, convince Cam to get dressed and eat and then I rush to wake the baby (which kills me to do by the way), dress her, feed her, pack her into the car seat… make…

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Coughs and sneezes

When I got to school to pick up the kids, Jordan had crusty goo under her nose and they told me she hadn’t slept since 1pm. Not a good sign. Now I can hear her over the monitor coughing and sneezing. I think I didn’t do a good enough job to keep her away from…

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Ups and Downs

I realize it’s natural to feel up and down about Jordan’s arm. I spent the day at the swimming pool today with Jordan and Cam and watched all of the families and all of the children. An arm is just a piece of a body. There is so much more to my little, happy, giggly,…

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Did she really say that?

So I was work today showing off pictures of Jordan and Cam because that is fun to do. A woman in a different part of the building where I work started talking about a photo shoot. She started saying something about using my kids in the photo shoot… when she says something like: “Oh but…

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16 Weeks Old

My girl is getting so big. I didn’t really think about the weight check they did for Jordan at Shriners. But I heard them say something about 7-point-something kilograms. I just did a conversion of what 16 pounds is in kilograms: It’s 7.2 kg. That means Jordan is probably around 16 pounds. 16 pounds!! We…

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Let the prosthetic process begin!

Today Jordan and I met with a team of doctors, our prosthetic guy and our physical therapist. We discussed what kind of prosthetic will work for Jordan and the process is now in the works. Next week, we’re going to have Jordan casted for the prosthetic and that will be followed with a couple of…

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No thank you

Yeah. I went back to work today. It’s no fun to have that many days with her and then have to drop her off to school again. She didn’t want to let go of our days together. She wouldn’t take a bottle and didn’t really care if she was gong to starve. I fed her…

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My photos!

I’m happy to have my camera back. I left it in the car when Randy dropped me off at Barry’s house. So I finally got my Easter shots. Some of them turned out pretty darn good. I’m so happy I got one good one of the two of them in their Easter finest. Two kids…

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