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Archive for March 2006

3 Months Old

She’s 3 months old today! Can you imagine that. Just after she woke up from her many newsroom naps today, she met one-week-old Grace. She’s a sweet, tiny little baby. My sweet, tiny baby looks HUGE next to Grace. Jordan is about 7 pounds bigger. So I took this picture. Jordan is a little further…

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Sleep, sleep and sleep in a newsroom

Jordan slept 12 and a half hours last night. That’s pretty incredible. Especially when she slept in a newsroom during her naps yesterday. Anyway. She slept even more today — small naps all day long. The down side: She kept falling asleep in my arms or in student arms instead of falling asleep in her…

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Not a bad day

Jordan is comfortable in so many environments. My first day back to work wasn’t too bad thanks to the girl’s easy nature. I probably could have gotten more work done. I did dig out my desk a bit. I started reorganized the website’s organization. I talked to a lot of people. I cooed and gurgled…

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Dear Jordan,

Thank you for these last 12 weeks. It’s been so special to focus my life and time on you… And to share you with so many people: Family, friends, students, faculty and tons of strangers who would have never talked to me before if I didn’t have you.I have learned how deep love is. I’ve…

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Exercise time

In my quest to get Jordan to move her arm around, I put her on her playmat and discovered one of the toys she was interested in hitting with her little arm. I was so excited, I grabbed the video camera and shot a little video for the first time since she was born. Now…

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More signs that she's growing.

If you look on that diaper, you’ll notice it says “2” on it. I finally gave up on the size one’s… Jordan had leaked on enough outfits. So I have to shop for more diapers… Just after I bought new size 1’s a week or so ago. Bad planning on my part.

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Therapy time = Long nap

Poor Jordan. Now that I have some exercises to work on with her and the request to give her more belly time, Jordan is exhausted. She did not like anything I did to her this morning… It could be the fact that she slept 5 hours before bedtime last night and that threw her sleep…

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12 Weeks Old! A day of learning.

So I met with our new pediatric physical therapist today. I learned so much about some of the ways Jordan’s little arm has affected her. First, she holds her shoulders high… So I need to help her relax and put her shoulders lower. She also curves her body to the right when she lays down.…

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Jordan's first tool

My girl has a little arm… It’s a temporary tool for her to work on looking and recognizing her left side. The pictures are very cool. I’m posting this pics first. I’ll tell you more soon. I have to run to the grocery store first.

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The circle of support grows

I started the day emailing all kinds of doctors and therapists about Jordan… And ended the day with a pediatric physical therapist who is offering care for Jordan AND a doctor who is willing to help me get Jordan into a state program that will help make sure Jordan gets all of that therapy from…

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