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Archive for October 2005

Good appointment for Jordan and I

We had another appointment with the doctor today… We’re finally at the point where we need to go every two weeks. I’ve gained weight… a lot of it is water from all of my travels. I’m hoping to lose some of that when I go back in another two weeks. Anyway. The heartbeat is strong…

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Wow, that's a lot of movement

So Jordan is rocking and rolling in there… I wish I could figure out what is really moving around in there. I think she’s in a similar position to where Cam was — butt up with her back against the wall of my belly. And if that’s the case… She’s got a lot to say…

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Bathroom visits on the rise

So… I got up 3 times through the night to visit the bathroom. We have 2 months to go and I’m already missing a lot of sleep. Bummer. Cameron wanted to climb into bed around 5:50 this morning… The pregnant lady wasn’t going to allow that one. I was actually so tired, that I had…

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No more trips for me

I’m so happy to be done with all this flying. My ankles are finally looking human again. I’m exhausted and annoyed from this last trip. Unfortunately, this whole trip has put me in a sour mood… And I am not digging out of it. I am really behind on the new (and not live) website…

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The attack of the killer cankles

Have you ever heard of cankles? It happens when your calf merges with your ankles… And you don’t know when one starts and the other finishes. I’ve had them before… After our trip to Austin. Well, i have them again here in Orlando… And it’s disgusting. I propped them up during a lot of yeterday…

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Crazy lady isn't as crazy

Randy and I were talking recently when he realized I’m not as crazy as I was during the last pregnancy. He says he spent a lot of time talking me of the ceiling. I’m just not that crazy this time around. At least I have that to be proud of.

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There's nothing cute about me

So we took Cam to ride on his first homecoming parade… And I was not graceful. Not only was I wearing a really large gold sweatshirt (I was joking that I looked like a large glowing orb), but I fell out of the float when we were getting off. I didn’t fall down hard… A…

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Wiggle wiggle wiggle

Jordan is on the move. That girl can go! And here’s the coolest news of the weeek: Two mornings ago, Randy finally felt a really big kick or two. That made me very happy.

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As Cam says: "Oh Bummer!!"

So I had another doctor’s appointment… From now on, we’re on the every two weeks schedule.So, the appointment was going really well… Jordan was avoiding the doppler thing that listens to her heart. She is very healthy, I gained very little weight this past month. And just as we were wrapping things up, it turns…

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Pacifier report confuses me

So there’s this new study and recommendation released today by the American Academy of Pediatrics. They’re saying the use of pacifiers in bed cuts the risk of SIDS by 61%. I’m torn here. I really don’t like the idea of Jordan becoming dependent on a little plastic thing… But at the same time, the idea…

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