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Archive for September 2005

A Soccer Ball in My Belly

Yes. It looks like there’s a ball sticking out of my shirt. But still, people are a little worried to assume I’m pregnant. I was talking to a new neighbor (who moved here from Lexington, KY)… And I had to mention our next child when he said — Oh I was afraid to say something……

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Another doctor's visit

I got to go to this month’s doctor’s appointment. It was kind of cool. In the last month, my doctor and I started participating in a program that is designed for new faculty members. It was kind of a fluke that we were both picked to be a part of the program. Since the first…

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How low can you go?

I carry babies low. I couldn’t say that with Cameron since he was my first. But Jordan is proving it. I carry babies low. All of Jordans kicks or punches come very low… I can feel my pelvic bone expand. I’m going to the bathroom all the time because there just isn’t a lot of…

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