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Archive for August 2005

Okay. That smarts.

I’ve noticed I tend to carry babies low. I had this problem with Cam and I have a similar situation with Jordan. The problem with this trend is I can feel my pelvic bone stretching. It’s a terrible feeling. It’s especially uncomfortable when I need to use the bathroom… And that need has taken a…

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Turbulence and Landing

Jordan made it known that she doesn’t like turbulence and a hard landing. My first flight from Edmonton to Minneapolis was bumpy in the end. It was a little wigglier than I enjoyed. I had to hold my belly just to feel comfortable. Then we landed… And just as the plane finally slowed down, Jordan…

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The smallest traveller

I’m in Canada this week… Training on nerdy computer stuff.As I was flying I thought about all the places Jordan has been since her conception:Las VegasMaineSt. LouisDenverChicagoKentuckyEdmonton, CanadaAustin (next month)And if the doctor thinks it’s okay: Orlando That’s pretty well traveled. Cameron just had to sit through grad school with me. Jordan gets to train…

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I'm seeing things differently

I’ve purposefully ignored ads that are targeted towards girls. Until now. I was watching cartoons with Cam while we were in Kentucky. We don’t normally watch cartoons… So I don’t normally watch commercials. I kind of try to avoid those. Anyway. I was watching the cartoons with Cam when I saw a Barbie pegasus commercial.…

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Another appointment

We had another doctor’s appointment today. All is going well. I’m gaining weight at a steady, but not dangerous pace. The blood sugar levels were stellar, my blood pressure: 100/70 — pretty darn good for a pregnant lady. Jordan continues to wiggle and kick… She seems awake a lot… But I’m probably just noticing movement…

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More details on Jordan

So… Jordan is very wiggly. She stayed in one spot for 45 minutes but just never stopped wiggling. She kept moving so much that we couldn’t get a good look. I remember Cameron being wiggly, but Jordan was a mover and a shaker. She isn’t very big. Right now she’s about 9 ounces… 8 pounds…

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It's a GIRL

Yes. We got a chance to meet little Jordan today. I’ll try to scan in a picture soon and post it. She’s healthy, amazingly active and due between January 5th and 7th. More to come.

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One day away

I’m being silly counting down the ultrasound. But because we’re willing to find out if this is a boy or a girl, it’s even more exciting. By the time I had my 20 week ultrasound with Cam, I’d had two other ultrasounds… So I’d seen him wiggling around before. I’m also excited to bring Cameron…

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Yoga and wiggles

I started a yoga class last night… Now that I’m moving to days, I’ll be able to take evening classes. So I skipped out of work for a couple of hours yesterday to attend the first class. There are a bunch of pregnant women in the class. I have the latest due date by 2…

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4 days away

The ultrasound is coming. I’m looking forward to meeting Jordan or Kian… That’s our girl or boy name. Jordan for a girl or Kian for a boy. We went to a Bruce Springsteen concert this past weekend. It was strange to feel the music reverberate in my belly. It was strange and I’m sure the…

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