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Archive for June 2005

Big shirts and hot weather

I’m so happy I’m not extremely pregnant this summer. It’s thick outside… So thick that your sweat glands start working the moment you set foot outdoors. It’s so hot, the dogs don’t want to be out there. I’ve had some annoying headaches lately… I’m not sure why. It usually happens when I haven’t eaten enough.…

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So I don’t really feel sick anymore… Which is awesome. I have energy again. But I really feel everything stretching. It’s wierd. I can actually feel spots where Cam stretched more than others. The body remembers a lot.

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Feeling a lot better

I’m starting to feel human again… The nausea is fading… And I can actually go around at work and at home without making sure I’m carrying snack food around with me. It’s kind of scary to not feel sick anymore… It makes me worry if the pregnancy is still going okay… You know, the normal…

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The Cat's Out of the Bag

So in the last couple of weeks, we’ve gone public with all of this exciting baby talk. Baby Z is making her or his little self known more and more every day. I already moved to pregnancy pants… Just because it’s more comfortable. I think the baby bump is more obvious to me than anyone…

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