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The Thrill of a Tweet

Last yesterday afternoon, I was just wrapping up a work phone call when I noticed a post a friend left on my personal Facebook page. She mentioned Chelsea Clinton had tweeted about Jordan and the CNN article about her. It was jaw-dropping because of the kindness she showed in the tweet and her follow-up tweets…

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Limb Loss Awareness Month is also for Limb Differences

This is the fourth year the Amputee Coalition has hosted Limb Loss Awareness Month in April. To me, this month’s theme has always felt a little detached from my feelings about limb differences since Jordan was born with a limb difference not a “loss” since Jordan never lost a thing. So I dug a little…

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A changing view of special needs

For many years, Jordan has expressed little interest when I’ve introduced her to other kids with limb differences or any other type of physical challenge. Most of the time she would react with little to no emotion and focus on just about anything other than the cool difference I was point out to her. Lately,…

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Talking to our kids

I’ve written before about how I strive to help my daughter grow to be a confident and able person… Even if she visually doesn’t fit in with the status quo. I worry our culture is just so dang image-focused that it could hurt her personal image. I also worry the attempts I and others make…

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