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Archive for January 2014

Showing our #DisneySide at Disney World and at Home

We are now a two weeks back in reality after spending five days at Disney World to take part in the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend. If you’ve noticed, we have a long history of going to Disney World. Jordan celebrated her first, third, fifth and seventh birthdays there. Yes, she’ll be there for her…

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An Artistic Birthday Party

12 kids, 12 blank canvases, lots of paint and noise. What does that create? A winning birthday party. Jordan invited her friends to gather at a local canvas art store where they were tasked with painting a sunset with a sailboat. It was a pretty challenging work of art. But the cool thing is they…

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Joining In On Dove's "Beauty Is" Conversation

During the Sundance Film Festival, Dove released a short film about selfies. And just like its beauty campaign from last year, I feel the need to write about and participate in this new campaign. If you have eight minutes, watch how girls and their moms learned how to accept themselves for who they are with the…

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A Giving Birthday Celebration

Jordan is almost a month into being eight-years-old but that doesn’t mean we’re totally done celebrating her birthday. Jordan has not held very many birthday parties since she’s had the chance to party it up every other year at Disney World. (We really, really like it there. And I promise to write details about our…

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"I Told Him It's Okay to Be Different"

My entire goal as Jordan’s mom is to help arm her with the strength to grow old without pain and have the ability to stand tall and deal with people who may not say nice things about her difference. For years, she has shown how she lets little comments and stares slide. She does not…

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There are always stares

Jordan jumped into a new sport last night. She’s giving basketball a try for the first time. She’s very excited about this new sport and I didn’t really think about how another new environment means new kids, new stares and a whole new group of people to teach how limb differences aren’t a big deal.…

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Best Kept Secret Award Nomination for Born Just Right

This website is my passion. I share our highs and lows and adventures as I continue to grow as a parent. My drive to help advocate for the limb difference community is because of you, my readers. I recently found out this website was nominated as a “Best Kept Secret” by a health activist website…

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A Note to New Parents of A Born Just Right Baby

If you had to choose to give birth to child with a limb difference would you? Probably not. But every challenge our kids face are just that, a challenge. And even though I wouldn’t have asked for Jordan to have one hand and one elbow, I’m so happy to be Jordan’s mom and have her…

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Swiffer is My New Favorite Brand

Have you seen it yet? An actor with a limb difference who lost a portion of his arm to cancer is featured in a national Swiffer commercial. It’s SUPER cool. I’m so excited. I’ve heard people talking about this commercial, but I hadn’t seen it yet. Thanks to Michael for finding it and sharing it…

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An Interesting Discovery During Therapy

Jordan’s occupational therapist and I discovered something a few weeks ago during a session. We had added yoga poses into her life and when we introduced a simple toe-touching stretch. Jordan complained it was really hard. I figured she was pretending. Toe touching for me is so easy. How can it be difficult for an…

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