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Archive for August 2013

The Perks of Having a Baby With One Hand

A year ago, Rachel reached out to me and mentioned how she and her husband had learned they were going to have a baby girl born with one hand. Since then, we’ve stayed in touch and even had a chance to meet before their daughter was born. They ROCK and Rachel was kind enough to…

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Learning one-handed (and one-arm) piano

For at least two years, I’ve told Jordan to wait until second grade to start piano lessons. That’s the grade her brother started and I promised it’s when she could jump in. So two days into second grade, she got to take her very first piano lesson. On our way to her lesson, Jordan was…

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VIDEO: Sharing support for a new school year

Tomorrow is a big day for Jordan: Second grade! She arrives to the school she knows but with a little different experience. Her brother moves on into Middle School and that means she doesn’t have him looking after or either of them having a chance to torment each other during the after-school program. School has…

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VIDEO: Taking charge of dinner time

From almost the very start, Jordan has shown an independent streak. She wants to do it all. At some point, she has figured just about everything out. If she needs help, she asks. But most of the time, she wants to do it on her own. What Jordan can and cannot do became the discussion…

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