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Archive for April 2013

Ways You Can Help Boston Marathon Amputees

The bombing attack at the Boston Marathon is overwhelming. Three deaths… more than 150 injuries. The images, the emotions and the knowledge that at least four people lost limbs in the attack breaks my heart. As a member of the Red Cross digital volunteer corps, I know there are resources for the victims. But I…

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Accept It. You Are Beautiful.

The moment I knew I was going to be a mom to a girl, I told myself I would raise her in a way she would respect herself more than I did when I grew up. I want her to celebrate being herself no matter what. When we discovered she had one hand, I realized…

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A Chicago Adventure

The kids had a four day weekend and for the first time in a long time, I had a chance to take advantage of those extra days and take the kids on an adventure. I thought it would be a fun chance to visit my favorite city and have a chance for Jordan to meet…

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Play Ball… Again!

It’s that time of year… It’s kind of cold but Jordan is jumping into a new softball season. This is her third year playing ball and she’s extra motivated this year. After meeting with Hayden Filson last fall and learning how to really play one-handed softball, Jordan is extra excited. Today, Jordan had a chance to meet…

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Becoming a Mother

Kathryn continues to offer her perspective as an adult with a limb difference. Once again, I’m honored to have her contribute to the site and give more views than mine – where I write from a special needs parenting persepctive. Today, Kathryn offers her thoughts on becoming a mother with a limb difference. -Jen Of…

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